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Antique heating Elements offer the wide range of Mica Band heaters,extruder heater for extrusion machines for heating their barrels and dies by barrel heaters. heating for tanks. Right around the peripheral of a drum or pipe, they warmth the surface of the vessel to make continuous, unvarying heat transfer. This technique is safe for usage of industrial heaters the volatile substances which are dangerous to heat via direct technique. electric heaters , heating element , extruder heater , barrel heater , nozzle heater , mica heater , plate heater ,electric space heaters , band heater are energy effective and offer elasticity for use in numerous applications. Mica heaters are the great choice while cost and enactment thrive the substrate elasticity. Mica is a strong substance which is capable of resisting very great temperatures and is used for such applications like as Injection molding, Blow molding,Plastic extruders, Plastic Processing Machinery, Injection molding Heater and Blow Molding heater, Extruder Machine Heater, Blown film, Rubber machinery, Pvc Processing Machinery etc.

Mica Heater Manufacturer & Supplier

Where heat is higher 500°F (260°C). Mica heater can be intended in a widespread range of different dimensions and wattage densities and their great Wattage densities are up to >100/in² (15.5W/cm²). Mica heaters are manufactured for processes where operative temperature is much high, leakage is low and material cost is low in comparison to other supple heater expertise.

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Specifications of Mica Heater:

  • Brass tubular sheath (in stainless steel for corrosive materials such as PVC).
  • Power standard density: max brass 5 W/cm² or 25 watt/sq. inch.
  • Diameter is available from 25 mm up to 1500 mm.
  • Height is available from 25 mm up to 800mm.
  • With mounted Thermocouple “K type” or “J type” is available.
  • Inner sleeve is made of Steeliness steel, mild steel, Copper, brass.

Applications of Mica Heater:

  • Injection molding , Blow molding , Plastic extruders
  • Plastic Processing Machinery
  • Injection molding Heater and Blow Molding heater
  • Extruder Machine Heater
  • Blown film , Rubber machinery
  • Pvc Processing Machinery

Product Details of Mica Heater:

Mica Heater
Minimum Order Quantity : 6 Pieces
Power (Watts) : As per recommendation for the Process
Voltage : As per recommendation for the Process
Size : As per recommendation for the Process
Port of Dispatch : Ghaziabad