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Antique Heating Elements is a standout amongst the best producers of a wide scope of very proficient Light Bollard that are designed with premium quality materials under refined innovation.

At the point when an old or broken bollard light should be supplanted with another bollard light, the wiring from the current installation may in any case be great. In spite of the fact that a mounting jolt or two may in any case work, it is far-fetched that the old jolts will fit the example of the new installation. It is in every case best to sink new mounting jolts in new bond, in any case, that can frequently be strategically inconceivable and excessively costly. That is the place mechanical stays come in. Mechanical grapples, for example, Simpson Strong-Tie Strong-Bolt 2 or Red Head stays from Trubolt can be utilized to mount new bollard lights to existing bond. Bollard lights, utilize the standard ⅜" breadth jolts and pick the best length for your installation. When introducing bollard lights, guarantee the base plate on every installation is level. Bollard light bases accompany worked in levels, which makes establishment simple; the final product, be that as it may, will be controlled by the nature of crafted by the installer.

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