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Furnace Heateris very surrounded device which is used for high-temperature warming, it is derived from a Greek word Fornax which means oven. There is much alteration of the heater such as electric heater, industrial chemical heater, heating element, titanium heater, furnace heaters, electric furnace heater, furnace heaters, etc. Beyond these types of heaters, furnace heaters are used for power generation industry, garbage disposal and applicable in oil and gas industry mostly used muffle furnace, pot furnace, furnace, melting furnace , baking furnace etc.

Quartz heaters are also accessible in the market, which are very valuable in the winters.

Furnace Heater Manufacturer & Supplier

There are 2 types of furnace heatersviz. Natural gas or Propane gas wall furnace heater which could be used with cabinet-mounted thermostat.

Furnace heater or electric heater can be connected in the wall or outward mounted on the external wall which differs horizontally through the walls. There are many models obtainable online based on heat capacity, material and their temperature ranges. furnace heaters mainly used in Nepal by different names like Industrial heater manufacturer in Nepal, Pencil heater manufacturer in Nepal, Porcelain heater manufacturer in Nepal, Heaters manufacturer in Nepal, Industrial heater Supplier in Nepal, Pencil heater Supplier in Nepal, Porcelain heater Supplier in Nepal, Heaters Supplier in Nepal, High density pencil heater manufacturer in Nepal, high density pencil heater supplier in Nepal, electric heater manufacturer in Nepal, electric heater supplier in Nepal.

If you are looking for a potential industrial heater manufacturer, heating element ,electric heaters , oil heater , heating element , titanium heater , furnace heaters, electric furnace heater , furnace heaters, for your processing unit. Then we would be proved to our self-one of them. If you have any enquiry & provide us an opportunity to serve you better products for your industry.

Specifications :

  • Flexible
  • Long Lasting
  • Available in different brands
  • Easy to maintain
  • Can be made in any shape

Applications :

  • Use for Ovens
  • Dryers
  • Refrigeration
  • Food industry

Applications :

  • Packaging industry
  • Paper industry
  • Dying industry
  • Can be used in domestic

Product Details :

Mica Heater
Minimum Order Quantity : 6 Pieces
Power (Watts) : As per recommendation for the Process
Voltage : As per recommendation for the Process
Size : As per recommendation for the Process
Port of Dispatch : Ghaziabad