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Antique Finned heaters or Antique finned tubular heaters are type of electrical finned tubular heaters. which are used in diversity of heating applications. Whereas making and scheming of theheating element for oven, one desires to use the optimum material such as stainless steel, Incloy, mild steel, Inconel, titanium alloys or steel. These materialsare obvious based on the application of the material for example steel for alkaline cleaning solutions, Incloy for degreasing Process , cleaning solution, stainless steel for food processing equipment , In textile industry in their dying process etc. heating coil for oven , finned heating elements , finned tubular heaters , oven heaters , electric oven heating element , fin heater ,finned heater , heating element for oven , electric oven elementcould be of several sizes and shapes based on your prerequisite.

Finned Heater Manufacturer & Supplier

We are also served in Haridwar like Industrial heater manufacturer in Haridwar, Pencil heater manufacturer in Haridwar, Porcelain heater manufacturer in Haridwar, Heaters manufacturer in Haridwar, Industrial heater Supplier in Haridwar, Pencil heater Supplier in Haridwar, Porcelain heater Supplier in Haridwar, Heaters Supplier in Haridwar, High density pencil heater manufacturer in Haridwar, high density pencil heater supplier in Haridwar, electric heater manufacturer in Haridwar, electric heater supplier in Haridwar. High-quality Mgo (Magnesium Oxide) is moreover intended for effective heat transfer from resistive coils to the medium either one it is air, liquid or solid.Finned tubular heaters are apposite for forced convection heating of air byAir Finned heateror gas byspace heater. Fins are fitted to the electrically insulated heater sheath, offering fast heat diffusion and greater heat conductivity. Custom bends are available like u Type Finned heater, M type Finned heater etc. designs. Finned tubular heaters can be constructed to most of any figure in order to meet the Process of the application which required for reliable and smooth manufacturing of plant and machinery.

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Specifications :

  • We can provide Wattage/power: 1500 watt to 30000 KW.
  • Ambient Temperature: up to 400°C.
  • Material: carbon steel with nickel plated.
  • Operation Running Voltage: 220 volt, 240 volt, 480 volt, 600 Volt.
  • Various diameters and Length.
  • Available in a broad variety of sheaths, diameters, and Wattage.
  • Supplied with electrically insulated sheath.
  • We Provide superior internal electrical insulation and heat conductivity For Processing of machinery.

Applications :

  • Plating and pickling solutions
  • Acid and Chemical industry
  • Cleaning Process
  • Degreasing Process
  • Corrosive liquids
  • Food processing equipment / Plant and Machinery
  • Radiant heating
  • Alkaline cleaning solutions

Applications :

  • Tars
  • Dryers
  • Asphalt
  • Electric ovens.
  • Air heating Process

Product Details :

Mica Heater
Minimum Order Quantity : 6 Pieces
Power (Watts) : As per recommendation for the Process
Voltage : As per recommendation for the Process
Size : As per recommendation for the Process
Port of Dispatch : Ghaziabad